Thank you so much for visiting my special place. For as long as I can remember, I have created with found objects, vintage papers, vintage buttons, jewelry and all things pretty. I remember my Mother finding an early book by Gloria Vanderbilt about her collage art. I treasured that book and spent hours studying the wonderful photos of her work. I have that book still, and it has served me well as inspiration for my art. One of my earliest memories is a little painting I created when I was very young. I used egg shells to form pansies! That little painting hangs to this day in my parents home on a gallery wall. That began a journey of discovery and my creative works have evolved to include many wonderful works of art that showcase my little collections of vintage finds. I treasure the fact that I come from a long line of very creative people. I hope you enjoy my journal and the little things I create!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mid-Summer Nights Musings.....

It occurs to me that summer is passing so quickly and soon my leisurely mornings of sipping coffee in my little studio or lingering on the back screened porch listening to the birds and watching our Great Danes frolick in the back yard, will give way to reality and the rush of getting out the door on time for the school days!  I've been thinking about some of the projects that I have done in the past, and how my style has evolved.  I am an old soul at heart.  I love to include so much of the wonderful things of our pasts in my art.  I'm love going through my collection of old papers, buttons, laces, and ephemera.  My mind wanders to contemplate what the owners of such wonderful objects did during their days.  I think I would have been perfectly at home living in those days. 

I recently did some collage works for my Mom and Dad to help celebrate milestone birthdays.  My Mom attended high school in the Seattle area in a wonderful old building called Stadium High School.  It is an historic site now and has been the focus of several movies.  I created a collage to give her a beautiful reminder of that time.  Another friend recently traveled to Africa on the trip of a lifetime.  I made her a special book to hold her most treasured photos.  She went on Safari and photographed the most amazing sites.  Not only did these projects mean a lot to my Mom and Dad and my dear Friend, but they also gave me so much pleasure to create.

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